About Us

Founded in 2012, EmilyRose Couture entered the marketplace with a mission to bring high-quality, stylish handcrafted accessories to wardrobes around the world. Handmade fashion is unique and valuable, and when you buy something that was made with love from a person, there is something special that you feel. 

At EmilyRose Couture, we don’t just specialize in handcrafted accessories - we also offer customization services. That means that whatever designs you dream up will transform into a dream come true. 

From the moment you place your order, we immediately begin the process of sourcing materials and creating your unique design by hand. Each item is made to order with great attention to detail, and all of it is done and is ready to ship within a short 48 hours after you place your order - so you won't be waiting long for your Couture fix! 

We have shipped tens of thousands of EmilyRose Couture handmade products around the world through Amazon and Etsy. We have received hundreds of custom orders and thousands of five-star reviews. We are always excited and passionate to do business with you, to create a unique piece of accessory for you, and to add a bit of couture to your closet.


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